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ZOOPOLE développement

ZOOPOLE développement

2 rue Jean Rostand
Tél : 0033 (0)2 96 76 61 61
Fax : 0033 (0)2 96 76 61 69
julie.calvez@zoopole.asso.fr ;

Contact CHAIN : Julie CALVEZ

1/ Introduction

ZOOPOLE développement is a non-profit organization which supports the development of the science park ZOOPOLE in many aspects. The ZOOPOLE is located at 3 hrs from Paris, in Ploufragan (Brittany, "Cotes-d'Armor", district of Saint-Brieuc, 118 000 inhabitants). It is essentially dedicated to live-stock production, and also the transfer of know-how in its fields of competences: food industry, biotechnology and other life sciences.

Research organizations, businesses and Institutes specialized in training are located on the ZOOPOLE and work together for developing appropriate partnerships and improve their efficiency.

ZOOPOLE développement promotes the fields of activities of the park. It is member of the French business networks Retis and has the status of CRT (“Center of Technological Resources”).

2/Tools and Services

The main missions of ZOOPOLE développement are the following:
- Give support to companies and start-ups, including technical and financial support, and access to public funding.
- Promote regular contact with all organizations involved and organize meetings.
- Stimulate innovation.

To achieve this, ZOOOPOLE développement has developed specific tools that are offered to entrepreneurs and start-ups with highly innovative potential (essentially for technology):

-Coaching project:  search of information, identification and relationship with experts, engineering, finances.
-Renting Facilities: offices, equipments for research and prototyping (production), meeting rooms.
-Obtaining budget/grant: local authorities (cre’innov , innov’armor)  Bretagne Entreprendre, Armor  Angel and Oseo.
-Training and promotion: forma’ctions (part of the "science park network").
-International development: CHAIN project.

3/Main fields of activities:

The main fields of activities connected with the ZOOPOLE are the following:
- Livestock production (essentially pig and chicken), animal health (vaccines, diagnostic kits), hygiene, animal well being and feeding.
- Manufacturers of equipment for the breeding and the food-processing industry.
- Food industry: ZOOPOLE développement is a member of the "competitive cluster" Valorial.
- Food safety.
-  Programs for human health: nutrition and water quality.