The European project Channel Innovation Network (CHAIN2) has organised its 8th business convention

The business convention took place in advance of the 4th annual “Silicon Beach” conference in Bournemouth. Silicon Beach 2014 brought together the UK’s leading strategic thinkers, digital innovators and people who develop brands.

VFX HUB and BtoB Networking 

A delegation of entrepreneurs from Normandy and Brittany had the opportunity for a morning’s visit to Bournemouth University’s International VFX Hub, which acts as the initial point of contact for the creative and technical expertise available in the Animation and VFX departments of the University. One of The VFX Hubs primary aims is to provide commercial outlets and links to industry for students, graduates and academic staff.  In the afternoon BtoB meetings were organised at the Bournemouth Business Centre where the French delegation met UK businesses working in the digital and communication sectors. Last but not least, the networking diner brought together around 60 business professionals (French and UK companies, CHAIN2 partners, together with the organisers and speakers from the Silicon Beach event).

The face to face meetings were voted a success by the businesses

For most of the companies, the convention event was much more than simply exchanging business cards.

Aude Garnier, business developer at VOXYGEN (Anticipa Lannion), was delighted with his initial discussions with the UK companies:

 "They showed a lively interest in our solutions for the field of speech synthesis integrating the spoken word and some of the companies could include them in their current offer. The possible partnerships can cover a wide range of applications: vocalize internet websites to increase the accessibility for disabled persons; the launch of automated customer satisfaction surveys; multi language videos, phone reservation confirmation (for example taxi booking); or the integration of QR speeches in company printed information to make their communication more dynamic (specific spoken word or targeted advertising)".

Olivier Legoupil, associate partner of the studio Pickup (Caen), Specialising in music production and sound design, the “Com’un Son” department of Pickup Studio offers multilingual voice recording, sound mixing, sound effects and other digital support for telecommunications, applications, films and videos, video games, marketing and advertising. Olivier decided to participate in this business convention to meet companies in the marketing/communication, multimedia and digital industry. He really appreciated this method of face to face meeting:
"These initial contacts enabled me to notice that the UK businesses have the same problems as my French customers. The people I have met were very interested in my expertise. Out of 9 BtoB meetings, 50% of the people met have showed an interest and 25% are working on projects on which we could collaborate in the following weeks".

Philippe Chartois, iReplay (Rennes Atalante) offers a cloud-based web solution for the creation and management of TV channels on any type of terminal on the internet, available by subscription in Saas mode. The solution was recently launched in France and Philippe Chartois wants to build an international retailer partnership network: "I took advantage of the CHAIN convention to initiate my first international steps and the target of the attending UK businesses matches perfectly my expectations: digital companies and web agencies that address all types of industries. These agencies showed interest in our business model and several are ready to test and promote our solution to their customers. In addition, an Enterprise Europe Network representative that I met in the business meeting suggested that we publish our partnership search on the EEN platform, in order to boost our international development."

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