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Inno TSD / Cap Entreprises

Inno TSD / Cap Entreprises

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Contact CHAIN : Jean-Charles Minier

1/ Introduction of inno TSD and Cap Entreprises

Inno TSD is a consulting company based in Sophia-Antipolis specialized in territorial development (economical development, innovation and entrepreneurship), most of it clients are local authorities.
It activities go further than consulting on managing incubators (Aix-en-Provence, Saint-Brieuc, Strasbourg) and valorizations organizations (Rostock et Karlsruhe in Germany).It also run enterprises network and excellence network for the European Commission (IRE, MLP, incubator forum…). In Brittany Inno TSD manage the incubator and companies’ hotel of Saint-Brieuc agglomeration In the context of a public services delegation since 2007.

2/Tools :

Cap Entreprises offers specific tools designed for entrepreneurs and start-ups with a B to B activity:
- Follow-up of companies creators
- Services: swichbooard operator, mail, photocopier, fax, High-speed internet connexion
- Accommodation facilities: Incubator and companies hotel; 5000 m² of offices and workshop.
- Finance: support to draw up a file for grant, create a relation sheep with armor angels…
- Training & activities
- International development: European Project CHAIN, Senior Enterprise and B-New

3/Main strategic economic sectors:

The built-up area of Saint-Brieuc has around 120 000 inhabitants, 60 000 jobs and 4000 students.
The main economics fields of Brittany are at the origins of three world-renowned clusters that involve companies of the Saint- Brieuc area:
- Food industry (Valorial center), linked to the science park Zoopôle of Saint-Brieuc (head office in Rennes)
- Marin activity (marine competitivity center PACA  and Bretagne, head office in Brest),
- New technology (network and frame center, head office in Lannion).
In addition to this three competitivity center, there are excellence fiels in Saint-Brieuc area
- The Véhipôle of Saint-Brieuc dedicate to  new car maintenance jobs ,
- ID Composites (technological platform specialised  in water sport and plastic sciences),
- ITS Bretagne (innovation and prospective in the field of smart transport and associate facilities).